Oyster Loaf

Consider the Oyster by M.F.K Fisher

One recipe I recently fell in obsession with was the Oyster Loaf, which was introduced to me in M. F. K. Fisher’s Consider the Oyster. The way she wrote about this loaf, the magic of it, I knew I had to give it a go!

-Consider the Oyster
-Consider the Oyster
-Consider the Oyster

For my Oyster Loaf, you’ll need king oyster mushrooms, mushroom soup, and half a beautiful loaf of French bread.

King Mushroom Oyster Loaf

Heat up about 1 cup of mushroom soup.

Slice oyster mushrooms into thick pieces. Dip in an egg wash (or lightly coat with olive oil) and then coat with crumbs, fry until browned.

Slice a loaf of bread and hollow out some of the center (don’t hollow completely).

Fill the loaf with oysters and pour the soup over them.

Put in 350 to 375 oven for 12-15 minutes to let the soup soak into the bread.

Slice and enjoy!

Have a slice of oyster loaf with a big beautiful living salad and some pickled vegetables! Yum!

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